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YMCA Sung By Texas Classmates As Surprise For Autistic Classmate

YMCA Sung As A Surprise To Autistic Student By His Classmates

Jay Abatte,14, diagnosed with autism, student in Richland Hills, Texas, communicates in a special way by using music to express how he feels.

“When he’s upset, there’s certain songs that he will ask for and I will know, OK, he’s having a hard time and that’s his way of telling me: ‘I need this song to help me get through what I’m feeling,’” Jay’s special education teacher, Lori Blizzard, told Inside Edition.

“When he is happy, he will ask for different songs, and that’s how I know how Jay feels.”

Jay takes pleasure in a wide range of music genres from modern hits to classic Motown songs.

Recently, the girls athletics teams classmates of Jay planned a special surprise for Jay, they sat on the school’s cafeteria while waiting for Jay, when Jay graced the cafeteria, they all sang the Village People’s “YMCA” for him.

Jay was ecstatically joyful. “It was so amazing to see the smile on his face and just how excited he was,” Lori said. “I was smiling so hard. He sang the song the rest of the day.”

Jay studies in the 8th grade currently, hoping to start high school in the fall, way more than just a music fan, but also composes and plays his own music on his laptop, having an ambition to work in the music industry when time comes.

See Jay’s Classmates Surprise Song of YMCA

Teens Made The Day For Classmate With Autism by Singing ‘YMCA’



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