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Our goal at Shrawk is to share the best, most engaging, viral content on the web. We believe that partnering with everyday writers like you is the best approach to accomplish that!

Shrawk earns money through display ads on our website. You will earn money the exact same way.

For every article you are the author for, you will earn 80% of the ad earnings generated from that article! You will have your own writers dashboard after you register with stats detailing your earnings and the popularity of each of your articles. We’re pulling the data directly from our Google Analytics and Adsense reports. You will not need your own Google Adsense account, it works through ours and we simply pay you through Payza, Bitcoin, or we can arrange another payout method!

You only need to focus on curating content, and nothing else.

This is extremely generous, because at Shrawk not only are we providing an active platform with lots of visitors to click on and view your article and earn you money from the ads, but we are also committed to promoting your articles through social media to our fans and followers! If your article turns out to be popular and viral, we will continue to share it over and over as a long-term strategy.

With that said, we do have high standards for our content, and we will provide video training to you to show you how to properly find and curate viral content. 

Each of your articles will undergo review before being published, and once published we will (as mentioned earlier) share your article with our audience and you will earn money based on the performance of your article. Basically, if your article goes viral and lots of people share it on facebook or other social media, then you will get back more traffic, and more revenue.. so it is in your interest to curate engaging, viral content. The kind of content people love to share!

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If you are unsure how you will find and curate content, we have training for you which will be accessible after you register. We insist that you go through the training regardless so that you know you will be submitting content up to our standards and policies. We reserve the right to reject any articles.

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