World’s Most Expensive Wine With Miraculous Health Benefits Sells for $30,000 Per Bottle, Would You Pay For It?

AurumRed Gold produced by Hilario Garcia is believed to be the world’s most expensive wine. It is made from Tempranillo vines which are considered to be at least 100 years old.

The wine is produced on a small vineyard in La Mancha, Spain where Hilario became familiar with ozone therapy after he used it to treat his condition on his spine after his lower body got paralyzed.

Source: YouTube

When the treatment succeeded, he decided to apply it to winemaking by ozonating the water that gives supplies to the vines.

With the mix of modern and traditional techniques, plus ozone therapy, AurumRed Gold is an alternative medicine treatment that is generally used to treat cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis and more.

Source: YouTube

In an interview with Cinco Dias, Garcia said: “I verified that you can apply the type of techniques that are used to treat diseases or veterinary applications in the world of plants, and in the vineyards, in order to control pests.” In selecting the land, Garcia made careful soil and water tests and he also integrated the use of pyramidal energy which few of pyramid structures covers the vines.

Though Garcia refuses to reveal his process of winemaking, he claims that once the bottle is uncorked the freshness and flavor of the wine remain for another two years. The AurumRed Gold price starts at 25,000 euros per bottle.

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