This Woman Used The Money She Was Saving Up For a Car To Help Hurricane Victims

Kimberly Gager knows what it is like to survive a tragedy back when she lost everything from hurricane Katrina when it hit while she was living in Virginia. So when hurricane Harvey hit Texas badly, she decided to help out- even if it meant using up the money she saved for buying a car.

Source: Facebook | Kimberly Gager

It can take months and years for people to get their homes together again but small necessities like toiletries, diapers, and snacks can lift people’s spirits,” she revealed.

According to her, she met people traveling along the road with nothing, not even basic necessities such as toilet paper and paper towels.

So how did she make the most out of her funds? She went mad couponing! This allowed her to maximize her savings and reach out to more people in need.

Source: Facebook | Kimberly Gager

She juggles to buy supplies in between her free time at work and delivers them to the families. She said that the look on people’s faces are priceless when they saw her filling up carts with tons of diapers on it!

Source: Facebook | Kimberly Gager

Ms. Gager says that the new car she’s saving for has to be on the last of her list at the moment. Her story continues to inspire many as she is one of those people who is ready to put aside her own needs in order to help.

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