We Have To Have A Talk Made Clear By Dad In Skimpy Shorts

Parenting 101: Wear Skimpy Shorts While Talking To Teenage Daughter

A modesty lesson is very difficult to teach to a teenage daughter these days when the motto is something like “Few is many”, “Short is long”, “Do more with less!”

Jason Hilley of Orlando Florida, founda creative way to do this. So at first, it’s a difficult mission, when he saw his teenage daughter Kendall, wearing skimpy shorts, he lent his credit card so that his daughter can buy a more longer, suitable pair, of which Kendall has obliged.

Upon returning of said daughter, Jason found out that these new pair of skimpy shorts are as “butt-cutting” as the first one. Instead of getting angry and giving stricter punishment like, “You’re grounded!” to his erring teenage daughter, Jason started a viral video to teach her teenage daughter lessons in modesty, that was dubbed clever and hilarious.

Jason cut a pair of jeans into the teeniest and tight-fitting pair of daisy dukes he could fit his legs into, barged into his teenage daughter’s room with skimpy shorts, with a dad’s slogan every teenage daughter don’t want to hear, “We Have To Have A Talk!”, youtubing himself and uploaded this on youtube.

Jason also said in addition, “I will pick you up every day at school with these on,” he says, as his mortified daughter gets a good look at his legs.”

Jason Wearing Skimpy Shorts When Teaching Modesty Lessons To Teenage Daughter

Watch The Youtube Below And See The Praises From Proud Parents That Jason Received.

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