Vilnius Presents a Breathtaking Christmas Tree With 70,000 Lightbulbs And 900 Toys

Every year, lighting the Vilnius Christmas Tree has become an annual tradition in the Lithuanian capital. The Christmas season officially starts when the main Christmas Tree is lit on the 1st night of December at the Cathedral Square.

This year’s magnificent and spectacular Christmas Tree is lit with more than 70,000 light bulbs, an amazing height of 27 meters, and will have 900 Christmas Toys. The Christmas Tree is surrounded by the traditional ‘Christmas Town’ in the center of the square.

The whole area of the Christmas Tree covers 2,500 square meters, this means that this year’s Vilnius Christmas Tree is brighter. Christmas is the most awaited annual celebration event for the whole family.

Aside from the brightest and spectacular Christmas Tree, the Cathedral Square will also be having a whole month program celebration. Some of these are the lighting of Vilnius Christmas Tree, the Christmas Market on the Cathedral Square, and more.

The said celebration will be accompanied by a live Christmas concert. There is also a Vilnius Christmas Run, an event for all the family where you can choose a 3, 6 or 12 kilometers run. Aside from celebrating Christmas, Cathedral Square, however, will also celebrate New Year’s Eve Fireworks. The Christmas Tree will be in place until January 7, the Day of the Kings.

Source: BoredPanda

Source: BoredPanda

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