Tired Of Fighting Them Off For Years, Man Puts Alien-Infested Ranch For Sale

Stardust Ranch is a scenic and beautiful 10-acre ranch stretching across Arizona. Recently, it’s on the market for sale for approximately $5 million USD. The sprawling property that includes an in-ground pool and a 3.436 square foot house is where over the recent years, looks like any other ranch in the area, except that extraterrestrial activity is supposedly detected by its owners.

Source: Oddity Central

According to owner John Edmonds, the past 20 years living in the area wasn’t an easy one or him and his wife. Ever since he bought the property over 20 years ago, he has allegedly been fighting off aliens, being abducted many times and even subjected to multiple experiments by these creatures.

Originally, be bought the place to make it a home for rescue horses, but even these animals were molested by the aliens- he reported.

Source: Oddity Central

He decided to just sell off the property to try to live a normal life.

When asked by the press why it took him so long to evacuate, he responded: “I have a lot of money and time invested in this property, and many animals housed here.” It was simply home for the couple.

The property was originally listed as $1.7 million, but later on, leaped to $5 million after it was sensationalized by the media.

Would you live on this property? Moreover, do you think that aliens really exist? Share your thoughts by making a comment below!

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