This Awesome Dog Snags Best Employee Award

Accuride International Inc.’s southeastern sales center’s Michael Reeg recently awarded the best employee of the month award…complete with plaques and treats. Surprisingly, he awards it to no other than a dog!

Source: Michael Reeg / The Dodo

Her name is Meeka, the hard-working dog in the sales center. Another dog Kya is also there to keep them company, but according to Michael, she isn’t as ‘hard-working as Meeka.

Micheal explains this, “She [Kya] is really my wife’s dog. So she only comes up to the office when my wife is gone. We are her second choice for company!”

So you might be wondering how on earth did Meeka land as the best employee of the month. Well, ever since Michael transitioned to working from home, he says that he has his own office, and his own boss as well. However, the perk of working at home can be boring at times.

Michael Reeg / The Dodo

“Transitioning to a home-based position was quite a change. It’s quiet here. You need to get yourself fired up and excited about the day. Having a faithful companion in the office certainly helps,” he reveals.

His adorable companion’s workload for the day typically consists of keeping Michael company as well as listen to his sales pitches.

Nice job, Meeka! 😊

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