There is a Mr. Ugly Competition and This Guy Won The Title Four Times

William Masvinu, 43-years-old from Epworth has been hailed as Zimbabwe’s Mr. Ugly 2017. In fact, it’s was his fourth time to be crowned to the said competition.

After the competition, William gained so much confidence and self-appreciation.

Source: YouTube

However, he lost the said title to Maison Sere, last 2015, while the 2016’s competition was canceled. In an interview by Oddity Central, he said, “Last time, complacency cost me a lot, but this time I came well prepared for the contest and I am happy I have reclaimed my trophy, no one can dispute that I am the ugliest person in Zimbabwe. I now want to take my ugliness outside the country. If there is Mr. Ugly World, I am confident I will bring the crown to Zimbabwe.”

Source: OddityCentral

To join such competition, every contestant must be prepared just like beauty pageants and for now, William is preparing for Mr. Ugly World competition which will be held next year in South Africa.

However, winning four times made the local people protest against his monopoly of the title, as he is not giving other contestants a shot of winning the pageant.

As the winner, William takes home $500 and a cow while the runner-up Fanuel Musekiwa takes home $200, and the previous winner Maison Sere received $100.

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