Tarzan Works As An Exotic Animal Specialist

Mike Holston from Miami, Florida, calls himself King Of The Jungle and The Real Tarzan, who is currently working as wildlife biologist, teacher, and a zookeeper. Mike’s passion is to take care of exotic animals thus conserving and enjoying wildlife and as proof you can see his Instagram account full of fluffy, scary, adorable and unique animals.

One of Mike’s inspirations is Steve Irwin who he would call as “the best man to stroll this Earth”. The Real Tarzan uses his visibility for good causes, educating people about animals, and oftentimes visits schools to educated children. Mike’s day to day itenerary consists of cuddling with tigers, sharing bananas with monkeys, posing with all kinds of reptiles and many other exotic animals.

For more animal selfies, you can go to Mike’s Instagram account but here at Shrawk, we highlighted some of the best photo selfies of Tarzan with exotic animals on the planet.

Real Tarzan Selfies With Exotic Animals

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