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Superhero Teacher Saved A Lot Of Parents From Tornado

Megan Parson Placed Herself In Danger Warning Parents Of Incoming Tornado

Megan Parson, fourth grade teacher at Hays Elementary School in Rockwall, Texas, ran barefoot to warn her students’ parents of incoming tornado, ignoring the fact she was wearing a fake moustache and bright red kimono cape as she came from a classroom party.

A real superhero where she’s all dressed up with a red cape blowing in the wind, wearing a disguise of fake moustache amidst an incoming tornado, parents were warned early that day, that’s why they came to pickup respective child, children at school are advised to stay inside building while waiting for their parents, it comes complete with a background of rain with tornado, it’s a wonderful sight to behold.

Teacher Megan wrote on Facebook. “No wonder they made me run all the way to their window before rolling it down.”

Someone took a photo of Megan that day and she does really look like a superhero in a red cape amidst a background of rain with tornado.

“We all were super united taking care of our family and students,” she told People. “I was so focused on just getting those parents to safety. My mind was: every single one of those parents were family members. They needed to get inside.”

Superhero Teacher And Her Adventures Of Saving Parents From Tornado

Source: Facebook

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