Stray Dog Who Trekked 400 Miles With Extreme Racing Team Finally Finds a Home

In Ecuador, a team named Peak Performance was competing for an extreme racing event in the jungle for the Adventure Racing World Championship. It’s a prestigious 430-mile race throughout the country, one of the most difficult races ever held.

Throughout the duration of the race, the team came across a malnourished stray dog who had been living in the jungle for several weeks. They gave some food to it but did not intend of letting it tag along with them, knowing the difficulties that they will be facing along the way.

Source: Lindnord & Arthur Venture and Society / Facebook

But the canine was determined to follow them in the race, in fact, they did not even notice until it caught up with them at the next stop, almost collapsing in exhaustion.

The group gave the poor dog water and several cans of food to eat, and it continued to keep them company despite it all.

Upon reaching a river, they were advised by the race officials to leave the dog behind since it would be a liability on their part keeping it as they went on with the race. But as soon as they set on, it plunged as well into the freezing cold waters.

Lindnord & Arthur Venture and Society / Facebook

From then on, they knew they had to take the canine with them no matter what. They named him Arthur.

Source: Lindnord & Arthur Venture and Society / Facebook

As soon as the race was finished, they immediately took the weakened dog in Sweden to get him medical attention.

Although the team did not win – they had a bigger reward, a new member to add to their team, brave Arthur. 🙂

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