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Police Officer Did A Selfless Act Of Giving Away His Shoes To A Homeless Man On The Street

Police Officer Brian Zagorski never encountered this scene before in his 12 years of work.

While Brian was patrolling his town in Niles, Illinois, he came upon a homeless man literally tripping due to his worn-out shoes.

The homeless man was obviously not able to walk properly with his shoe’s bottom folding up and missing the soles.

As usual protocol, the police officer handed out a H.O.P.E. (Helping Other People Everyday) bag to the homeless man. That H.O.P.E. bag contains day to day items such as blanket and toiletries.

The homeless man declined the H.O.P.E. bag from the police officer’s hands, Brian never thinking about himself, asked the homeless man the size of his shoes. To the officer’s surprise, they were wearing the same shoe size.

Then finally, with an act of selfless love, the caring police officer took out his shoes and gave them to the homeless man.

A Selfless Act Of A Police Officer Giving Away His Shoes To A Homeless Man

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