Picturesque Swiss Village Gives Out $70,000 to People Willing To Move There, And Here’s The Reason Why

Have you ever dreamed of living in a lush landscape set against the backdrop of the breathtaking Swiss mountainside?

Source: Gerhard Mathieu

Well, the good news is now you totally can. A charming yet remote little village of Albinen, nestled in the spectacular Canton of Valais, is now looking for people, families- to move into their tight-knit community.

The best part? They’re offering huge sums of money for people to relocate.

However, you might be wondering…why on Earth they would do such thing?

Source: Gerhard Mathieu

According to municipality president Beat Jost, a huge number of their population- families and single people alike- are leaving. Over the years, the population dramatically dropped only to a measly 270, causing the village school to close, and leaving 7 youngsters to travel every day to school in the nearby towns.

Now, they’re setting up an attractive offer to draw in possible residents under the age of 45. For each adult, they are offering 25 thousand dollars to live in their community and their children get 10 grand each.

Source: Gerhard Mathieu

So if a family of four can have at least $200k investment in a home, they could get back at least $70 thousand! The more children you have, the better, since the investment pays off!

Now it leaves you with the question- would you want live here? See the video below!

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