Photographer Spent Years To Capture Jawdropping Shots of New Zealand’s Glow Worms

It was Shaun Jeffers, a photographer that first published on Bored Panda a post about New Zealand’s glowing underworld.

A couple of months passed by, and Jeffers once again decided to take a new selection of glowworm images to continue the showcase about the New Zealand’s hidden magic caves.

Source; BoredPanda

Challenging himself in exploring different caves, he started to explore the caves in New Zealand’s Northland and Waikato regions. For him, he has been totally mesmerized by what he found, an incredible experience that even words are hard to describe.

Tourists can take a floating tour of the cave, however, it’s hard to take a good picture of it because of the technicolor tones of the bioluminescent creatures.

To capture such beautiful creation, Jeffers spend a year visiting the place attempting to capture a perfect light.

Source: BoredPanda

Taking photos of glowworms for Jeffers is like taking photos of the night sky, so hard. Until then, the photographer used Nikon equipment such as the D850, D810, and a few lenses. The photo shoot depended on how close he was to the glowworms and the cave requires camera exposure of 30 seconds to 8 minutes.

To achieve the perfect shot, Jeffers often lingers in cold water, others may require hiking or even climbing, and sometimes hailing a kayak. The result is a series of perfectly shot photos that will definitely give an ultimate wanderlust.

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