Paris Restaurant Allows People to Dine Without Any Clothes On

O’ naturel restaurant in Paris, France was the country’s first “naked restaurant” which allows naturalists to enjoy French fare completely naked with a comfortable and relaxed ambiance.

The restaurant was inspired by a pop-up nudist restaurant that was opened in London in 2016.

Source: YouTube

The restaurant offers a classic French bistro cuisine in which the three-course menu costs $57.50.

To prevent taking photos of fellow customers, diners will leave their clothes and mobile devices in a cloakroom and each of them will receive a pair of slippers to wear upon entering the place.

O’ naturel restaurant features minimal decors and its chairs will be covered with black and white cloth and curtains that hang in the window to protect the diners from passers.

According to Stephane Saada, as soon as the diner enters, they will be accompanied by the servers and will make sure that the whole room is not looking at them.

Source: OddityCentral

The said restaurant will only be open for dinner and for those who want a reservation, the twin entrepreneur ¬†Mike and Stephane Saada explained in a statement, ” We might reject someone, or explain to them that if they’re looking to hook up, they should go somewhere else.” Mike added, “Nudity doesn’t have to mean sexuality.”

However, the newly opened O’ naturel critics have pointed out that the location is next to a children’s creche yet has different opening hours. In France, nudism is somewhat popular with 460 designated outdoor nudists spots.

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