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Overnight Instagram Star: 84-Year Old Grandpa Due To New Wardrobe Courtesy Of Grandson

In the luxurious world of Instagram where stars and influencers dominate with muscular, tanned bodies depicting wealth, and shootings on exotic, mostly luxurious locations, comes an 84 year old Japanese Grandfather Tetsuya, a retired Chemistry Teacher, floods the Instagram with his refreshing presence from new wardrobe courtesy of his grandson named Naoya Kudo.

Grandpa visited his grandson in Akita Prefecture while on week-long holiday, spent some quality time together, trying out some fun and fashionable outfits for the grandpa. The results of the said photoshoot were so good that grandson Naoya Kudo decided to share to the world via Instagram.

The photos quickly went viral garnering a total of 88,000 Instagram followers.

In this story, we will feature 10 photos from the photoshoot of the grandpa-grandson tandem.

Top Ten Featured Grandpa Photo Shoots


Images Source: Silver Tetsuya Instagram

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