Mom’s Experiment Encourages Parents To Put Down Their Phones

This is Brandie Wood, a young mom from Lakeside, California that made a post on facebook that went viral after she did an experiment in her home to discover the role of technology within the family.


Brandie is a mother of twin boys Blaine and Rylie. The experiment was simple: Watch her boys play and create a tally for “how many times they looked at me for various reasons: to see if I saw their cool tricks, to seek approval or disapproval for what they were doing, and to watch my reactions.”


The result? 28. 

“28 times my angels would have wondered if the World Wide Web was more important than them. 28 times my boys would have not received the attention most adults are searching for.

28 times my loves would have questioned if they were alone emotionally. 28 times my kids would have been reassured that who you are online is what really matters.”


In her post she begged parents to be different and spend more time with their children. 

“Please put down your technology and spend some time with your family & loved ones. The next generation of children is counting on us to teach them how to be adults, don’t be too busy on social media, you never know who is watching and what message you are sending.”

Her post serves as a reminder that we should be aware of how technology is affecting us and our relationships, and to just spend more quality time with the ones we love.


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