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Mom Who Donated Son’s Heart Weeps As She Hears It Beat Again Within A Little Girl

Heather Clark was a happy mom until June 2013 when her son, Lukas, tragically passed away at only  7 months old.


After Lukas died, Heather decided to to donate his organs.


The lucky recipient of his heart was Jordan, 4 years old, who desperately needed it and had spent her first few years in the hospital due to a congenital heart defect. She would not have survived without a heart transplant.

The heart transplant was a success! Recently, Heather and Esther (Jordan’s mom) met for the first time and it was an extremely emotional experience. 

They gave Heather a stethoscope so she could hear Lukas’ heart beating in Jordan’s chest and a tearful Heather sobbed, “It’s so strong”.


Watch the video from CNN for the full report:




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