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MMA Fighter Pins Down An Intruder Before Cops Arrive

Intruder Raided Wrong House Where MMA Fighter And Retired Boxing Coach Reside.

Sergio Hernandez Jr., MMA Fighter doing jiu-jujitsu for approximately 13 years, found a house intruder in their backyard who raided his father’s house in San Diego and he pinned him down.

The house intruder has an alibi that he was hiding from a dog in the yard so Sergio released him and let him go, only to find that a screen window in his father’s house was ripped open, leaving his father’s room in complete chaos.

Sergio chased the intruder, apprehended him, brought him back to the yard of his father’s house and pinned him down in a “triangle choke” until police arrived in 5 minutes.

“I could have broken his arm easily but I don’t like to see people get hurt. I was going to put him to sleep but I wanted to keep talking to him to figure out why he chose our house,” Sergio explained.

“I felt bad for him but to violate someone’s property like that is very dangerous. I think it would have been wrong of us to let him go because maybe he could’ve put someone else’s life in danger in the future.”

Sergio’s father who was a retired boxing coach and school counselor, said that there’s still hope for the intruder.

“I would like to invite him to a boxing gym,” Sergio Hernandez Sr. told the station. “He’s young, there is still time to save him, to guide him in the right direction.”

Wrong House Raided By An Intruder Resulting In A “Triangle Choke” From An MMA Fighter

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