Meet Lulu, The World’s Cutest Yet Saddest Looking Cat Ever

We always think that a cat’s life is easy- especially if they have a loving human caring for them. They could lounge on the couch all day, served with daily cat meals, and they don’t have bills to take care of. Sounds like a win-win situation, right?

Well, not exactly.

via-Bored Panda

Meet Luhu- the world’s saddest cat. According to her owner, Maggie Liu- among her other siblings, Barher and Bardie, she’s the only one who exudes a mournful expression on her face. Ironically, this sad expression has brought undeniable joy to over 135,000 followers on Instagram, who can’t seem to get enough of Lulu’s look.

via-Bored Panda

But the truth is, Lulu is not really sad. She was just born with the most adorable, albeit saddest faces of all time. A native of Beijing, China, she resides with her two cat siblings and their human mom. From the trio, it’s definitely her face that stands out from the rest: a look of sorrow that could make anyone go “aww.”

via-Bored Panda

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