Long Lost Lovers Finally Met After 75 Years Just To Part Ways Again

WWII Veteran, 98, Met Again With Long Lost Lover After 75 Years

WWII Veteran Kara Troy Robbins Always Loved In His Heart, Jeannine Pierson

In 1944, Kara Troy Robbins was a 24-year-old soldier based with the US Army in France, while in a foreign land, Kara chanced upon a pretty 18-year-old French girl named Jeannine Pierson.

It was indeed love at first sight for both couple Kara and Jeannine even in defiance of their language obstacle, a whirlwind romance until Kara needed to return to the States in a haste.

Jeannine, on the other hand, was unquestionably brokenhearted, Jeannine spent her time learning basic English, just in case so she can converse freely with Kara when he returns, but Kara never returned. Both of the loving couple vanished contact and loving touch over the years.

In America, Kara ended up with another wife, while in France, Jeannine married another man, but Kara never forgot Jeannine, where Kara still carries with his person an old black and white photo of Jeannine.

Kara swinged 70, 80 and then 90 years old still clinging on Jeannine’s black and white photo comforting and hoping that Jeannine was still alive out there celebrating her golden years without him.

This June, 2019, Kara had to return to France to celebrate 75th anniversary of D-Day, this time more passionate to look out for Jeannine asking a group of French journalists to aid him in the search for Jeannine.

Kara and Jeannine, reunited together again after 75 years and it’s like time never ever passed for both of them, still madly in love like at first, only to part ways again since call of duty for Kara both of their wed partners have both passed away.

Lost Love Of Two Love Birds

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