Legendary Killer Croc Hides in Ruzizi River Banks in Burundi For Over 60 Years

It’s been 60 years since Gustave, the man-eating crocodile hid on Ruzizi River banks in Burundi. An almost mythical monster that has allegedly killed over 300 people.

Source: YouTube

No one knows its exact size, however, the scientists together with the people who witness the invasion believe that Gustave is somewhere between 18 and 25 feet long (5.5 to 7.5 meters). It weighs more than 2000lbs (900kg) which is the same weight as the typical car.

In the documentary video of ‘Capturing the Killer Croc’, Gustave is probably not older than 60 years old and still growing. His body has a few old bullet holes and scars of a deep wound from blades which they believe he got from several run-ins with soldiers who tried to kill him. However, scientists claim that because of his size, he became bulletproof.

Source: YouTube

Capturing the killer croc is tricky since he ignores smaller prey and attacks bigger prey. Patrice Faye and the other scientists spent two years investigating him until the scientist attempted to capture him by using a 3-ton cage and many snares.

Gustave made himself a legend in the region and a few locals believe that he is a demonic entity. His legend was inspired by the 2017 movie ‘Primeval’, a story of a news team sent to Burundi to capture a 25-foot crocodile.

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