Korean Artist Creates Beautiful Illustrations of What Real Love Looks Like

Everyone of us has that perfect idea of what love should look like. We also have set certain standards and qualities that we dream our partners should have.

But indeed, what does real love look like?

Do you really have to shout on top of your lungs how much you love this person, does it always have to involve flowers, secret love letters hidden, and surprise dates?

Or does real love mean feeling the warmth of the hug of your beloved at the end of a long tiring day, the comfort of finding home in their arms, as you spend a lazy weekend on bed?

“Love is something that everybody can relate to. And Love comes in ways that we can easily overlook in our daily lives. So, I try to find the meaning of love in our daily lives and make it into artwork.”

These are the words of “Puuung”, a Korean artist who perfectly encapsulated beautiful illustrations of what love really looks like in a couple’s day to day life.

Indeed, love isn’t all about the grandiose efforts one contributes to the relationship, it’s all about the little things that we do for the person we love that matters.


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