Homeless Man Transforms Into A Celebrity From A Barber Makeover

Incredible Makeover: From Homeless To Celebrity

Jose Antonio, 55, was a former electrician in Spain, but a struggle with depression made Jose homeless for the next 25 years.

Jose currently works as an unlicensed parking attendant in Majorca, just across a hair salon, to have money for food. Since just nearby a hair salon, one day Salva Garcia, the salon owner decided to give Jose a makeover for free.

Before the celebrity makeover, Jose advised the cameraman, “Leave the doors over the mirror open for the moment so I can see myself for the last time like this.” Then close them to see if when they open again, it’s as if something else really opened up in my life, like a symbol.”

After Jose saw his new and improved celebrity look, Jose’s face lit up and tears started rolling down his cheeks.

Jose even exclaimed in surprise, “..I’m so different, no-one’s going to recognize me unless I tell them who I am.”

But the salon’s owner, Salva, was not yet done with the celebrity makeover, after the haircut, Salva dressed Jose in a hipster thread. Afterwards, Jose walked out of the salon a new celebrity man.

The extreme part is, a company offered Jose financial help, making Jose a real incredible makeover, physical looks and money, thanks to the kindness and generosity of strangers.

Watch Jose Transform!


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