Hiding Under a Wig For Years, Swedish Model Finally Reveals Her Big Secret

Alopecia is an autoimmune disorder which attacks hair-follicles that may lead to one or more patches of hair-loss.

Therese Hansson from Sweden knew that she had this condition at the age of 14.

Source: Boredpanda

Only her family knew about her condition until one day she decided to tell her closest friends about her big secret. Even if she is good at hiding it, she’s still super sensitive when someone asked about her hair.

But with the help of her friends by giving her encouragement and support, she started to accept the truth and let her beauty shine. Dropping off the wig is a little bit hard for her though, so she wears it from time to time.

Right now, Therese is 26 and became a model and looks absolutely stunning despite being bald. Therese hopes that her experience will encourage others who have a similar condition to free themselves.

She said in an empowering statement, “Don’t hide. It will only make you feel worse. You will feel so relieved if you can just be yourself. Anyone that can’t accept it is not someone you need in your life anyway.”

Aside from becoming a model, she is also a beautiful nurse and totally in love with what she’s doing.

Source: BoredPanda

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