Henna Tattoo Gone Wrong: Leaves Man Permanent Mustache

Arran Maye, a 28-year-old plumber from Leicester is now carrying permanent scars after being tattooed by henna ink.

It was started when he and his friends had a getaway in the Spanish city of Benidorm and paid 9 pounds ($12) for a henna tattoo.

However, instead of enjoying every second of the festival, Arran started experiencing an intense allergic reaction.

Source: OddityCentral

Arran’s friend Adam Lewis, who had the same henna tattoos as his, had already faded in a couple of days, however Arran’s tattoo remained.

After experiencing severe pain, Arran’s face started to show up a dripping puss and it swelled. When they flew back home, his friends drove him instantly to the Leicester Royal Infirmary in an intensive care with a breathing mask and stayed in the hospital for two nights.

After being rushed to the hospital, they found out that the henna used on Arran was called a black henna, an illegal variety of henna ink which has a toxic chemical PPD. Though Arran tried different kinds of home remedies just to solve the problem, according to the doctors, he will be carrying the scars for six months but the skin graft might be permanent. Despite all he experienced, still, he has the strength to make jokes about his condition.

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