Hearing Strange Noises, Man Is Surprised To Find This Dog Hilariously Jumping On A Trampoline

Sometimes, dogs can be hilarious without them meaning to. They can be so funny and adorable at the same especially if they do ordinary things humans usually do.

This Great Dane is clearly having a good time jumping on a trampoline in a backyard.

 Source: Jeff Davis / YouTube

Netizen Jeff Davis recently posted the funny video on social media. He had just gotten home when he heard weird noises from the neighbor’s backyard. He was expecting some sort of intruder to show up and this got him a bit nervous. But when he located the source of the noise, he was in for a good laugh.  He did not expect an adorable pup jumping on a trampoline on a clear day, obviously enjoying itself!

The pup was able to launch itself in a high jump, enabling itself to jump as high as it could, as Davis caught the simply adorable deed by recording on video.

What worries him though- is that the Great Dane might injure itself from jumping, but the internet simply loved his absolutely silly antics that it reached 1.27 million views on YouTube.

Watch the video here, and don’t forget to share and leave a comment below!


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1 Comment

  1. Jake Dibben

    November 7, 2017 at 10:00 pm

    Tammy Christine

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