German Artists Prints Unique Designs From Manhole Covers!

Founder of Raubdruckerin, Emma France Raff, and its team has been experimenting with the concept of ‘urban printing press’ since 2006.

The team traveled to European cities to find hole covers to decorate totes, t-shirts, hoodies, gym bags, and more.

Source: Oddity Central

The team find the urban landscape and sometimes overlooked surfaces inspiring as they’re aiming to offer an alternative perspective and approach to mass production.

In an interview with Euro News, Emma said, “The point is that the prints are not drawn by me. I just put them into a new context. They are from surfaces of the streets, from cement surfaces and grids of manhole covers I transfer them to T-shirts and other things they’re given a new life. That’s why it called Raubdruckerin because the design is lifted from manhole covers.”

Source: Oddity Central

The team’s supplies are minimalist which means it only needs cardboard frame, ink, brushes, and apparel to print a manhole cover. The artist makes their prints on the spot where the location of a manhole cover is. The Raubdruckerin’s primary motivation is to stimulate their perception regarding the relationship to its surrounding and be sensitive to its hidden beauty.

To find more of their designs you can visit their small Berlin shop or on Instagram at @raubdruckerinberlin.

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