Four Hands Better Than Two? This Revolutionary Double Bionic Hands Shows Us Why

“There’s electricity in all muscles of our body. When the brain sends an impulse to the muscle, the sensor reads it and translates it into a number proportional to the contraction and then sends this message to the microcontroller.”

Source: Yobionic

These were the very words of Youbionic CEO Federico Ciccarese in an interview with Digital Trends.

Earlier models were exclusively built for people who are single-handed amputees, but the designers realized that it actually be of broader use- a form of human augmentation known as ‘bio-hacking’.

Now, the company says they’re committed to honing the perfect design.

In their website, Yobionic states “We’re trying to increase our body. We are taking the first steps to build devices that work by supporting our native ability to obtain extraordinary abilities.”

Source: Yobionic

The bionic hand is basically attached to the real human hand wherein a control is placed divided between the four fingers. Movement of the index and middle finger would result in moving of one bionic hand. On the other hand, movement of the ring and pinky fingers would result in the movement of the other artificial hand. Additionally, moving your entire hand to a fist simultaneously causes a pinch motion.

The device has also another fun fact: do you know that it can be used to play music with amazing effects?

Check out the video of this double bionic hand below!

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