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Flying On His 22nd year, Pilot Surprises His One-Millionth Passenger

Captain John Richie celebrated his 22nd year as an airline pilot. Marking the day a milestone, and as his way of saying ‘thank you’ he chose to ditch the champagne and parties and celebrated it in the most unusual way.

Source: iSpot.tv

Throughout the years, he revealed that he has been keeping track of the number of passengers he was flying.  It turns out, on the day he was celebrating his 22nd year as a pilot – he was also flying his one millionth passenger. Imagine that! One million people who put their lives and trust in the hands of this man who will deliver them safely to their destinations.

When the plane was about to take off, Captain Richie made an important announcement. He said that on keeping track of the number of passengers he flew, on board is actually his one millionth passenger and he wanted to take the time to say thanks.

Source: Ndtv.com

“In honor of that, I have a bottle of champagne. In addition, I did a little bit of snooping, and I found out how much you paid for your ticket.”

He then announced the name of the unsuspecting passenger and handed her the bottle of champagne as well as the full amount of the airline ticket the passenger bought.

Amazing, isn’t it?

Richie then goes back to his duties and flies the plane like he does on any normal day.

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