This Doctor Perfected the Method of Giving Shots to Kids

As a child, did you always dread of having injection shots and vaccinations from the doctor? Did you wish you could just skip the entire thing altogether?

Well, you are not alone. Thousands of kids dread the same thing, it is a painful procedure they have to go through whether they like it or not.

But what if there is actually a doctor that exists that could actually make shots and injections fun for kids?

Well, this awesome pediatrician would make clicking and quick sounds that would make children forget that they are actually being vaccinated!

Source: Today Show

In the video, he was giving vaccinations to a young boy, one on each thigh. After the procedure, when the kid was close to tears, the doctor suddenly grabs a couple of tissues and starts throwing it to his patient! He also pretended to give himself a shot, showing the boy there is nothing to be afraid of. When putting the band-aid, a few ticklings were given here and there.

Even the boy’s parents themselves couldn’t help but giggle in laughter at this humorous doctor. We just wish all doctors were as fun as him in giving out vaccinations.

Check the adorable video below:

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