Crying Toddler Pulls Suitcase Down The Hall – The Reason Why Made The Internet Die Laughing!

Remember when you were a kid, and you always hated if a parent, or an older sibling leaves without you? You always got that feeling of abandonment and betrayal.

You would be thinking, How could they go on without you? How could they even have a fun time thinking that you would be left behind?

We all know that a child throwing a tantrum never turns out well. It’s perfectly normal, but it’s never easy to tame a little one throwing in the fits.

Well, this is exactly what toddler Abby felt when she knew that her blogger older sister is leaving on a vacation without her. When Abby saw her sister packing her bags, the meltdown ensued.

The adorable little thing’s reaction set off the internet laughing though. In fact, she was so persistent to go that she has packed a luggage twice her weight and size, hauling it across the room. It’s even filled with all her valuables (toys). LOL.

See the video below and watch how cute and adorable she is!

What do you think of Abby’s reaction of her sister leaving without her?

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