Couple Almost Swept Away By Flood Because They Refused To Leave Their Dogs Behind

Dogs have always been considered as part of the family, serving as loyal human companions for years. In various parts of the world, these creatures may not be lucky with their owners, as they have been subjected to mistreatment, or worse- abuse.

When a recent flood hit Texas in the United States, some residents were forced to leave their pets behind, a number of them still in their respective cages, their fate sealed in the vicious flood. Recently, this has caused an outrage in the online community. Although there were lucky ones who made it and rescued, some never made it out alive.

Source: IBTimes UK / YouTube

But in a recent flood in Japan, an elderly couple almost lost their lives because they couldn’t bring themselves to leave their beloved dogs behind.

In Joso, Japan, the entire town is swept away by massive floods. Even when the government ordered the people to evacuate, the elderly couple chose to stay behind- they found it harder to bring two dogs along with them. Due to the  escalating flood waters, they were forced to climb their house roof. Minutes before they were swept away by the flood and meet their eventual doom, a rescue helicopter spotted them and they were rescued- but not before their dogs were hoisted up by the helicopter first!

Watch the video here.


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