Brazilian Tattoo Artist Creates Tattoo Shading in Concealing Stretch Marks and Under Eyes Circles

Rodolpho Torres, a Brazilian tattoo artist who specializes concealing stretch marks by using a fresh colored ink.

Though there are a lot of creams, lotions, and even surgery to conceal those imperfections, Torres found a much simpler and more effective solution.

Source: OddityCentral

Torres personalizes each mixture to achieve a similar tone to client’s skin. With the exact method, his ink was approved by Anvisa (National Agency of Sanitary Surveillance). The mixture ink will be blend into the stretch marks and dark circles of the client.

Once the tattoo was healed, the client’s skin appears to be smoother like nothing happened and after 60 days the client can now have a sunbathe.

In an interview from a Brazilian news site Terra, Torres said, ” It’s not micro pigmentation, it’s a tattoo. You can live a normal life and expose it to sunlight knowing that your skin will not become stained because the tattoo pigments approved by Anvisa give is this security.”

Source; YouTube

After this revolutionary approach, Torres earned massive followers on social media and most of his clients are celebrities from South America. His unusual stretch marks techniques have become a wildfire but some dermatologists have concerns over Torres method. Dermatologists stated that the skin changes anytime and the tattoos can cause more unwanted scars.

But despite the negative feedback from the dermatologist, Dr. Jaime S. Schwatz, a plastic surgeon supports Torres’ easy method of getting rid out of stretch marks.

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