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Boy Runs A Mile To Honor Fallen Heroes

10-Year Old Honors Fallen Heros With An American Flag Mile Run

Zechariah Cartledge,10, from Florida runs a mile for each fallen hero carrying a big American flag marked with a thin blue line.

Recently, Zechariah runs a mile to honor Trooper William Modén, a Colorado state trooper who was hit and killed by a pickup truck after responding to a serious car crash on Interstate 70.

Zechariah setup a Facebook page named @RunningForHeroes and he vowed to run 1 mile for each fallen hero across the country and at the time of this writing the said Facebook page has already garnered 36,000+ likes and 39,000+ followers. His dad is always there by his side to youtube every run he makes and uploads them to the said Facebook page.

Trooper Moden was Zechariah’s 149th mile run since 2018 and his 150th mile run is for Officer Steve Brown who suffered a fatal heart attack after completing his third day assigned as lead person in Port St. Lucie Police Athletic League’s Police Camp.

There are times Zechariah will run for five days in a row, taking each lap as opportunity to reflect upon each fallen hero’s bravery and sacrifice for the country, local officers and firefighters will be seen joining him in his mile run and his proud dad always cover’s his back to youtube him.

Photos Of The 10-Year Old Mile Hero


Watch This Mile Hero In Action Carrying An American Flag

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