Would You Believe This? Young Daughter Asks Father to Steal Someone’s Belongings at KFC

Just a week ago, a netizen named Husana shared a warning to all of her friends in a Facebook to be more careful with their personal belongings in the public places.

Source: Buzzflare

On her Facebook posts, she stated “So, I stood up to take the sauce and without thinking twice, I left my phone, keys, and purse on the table, which never left my sight. Suddenly, a man from the next table came and took my phone and purse. I immediately called him out and said, (‘Hey, that’s mine’).”

After being caught by Husana, the man was shocked and immediately explained that he thought someone left their belongings and he was about to return them to the KFC counter.

Source: BuzzFlare

However, as the man headed back to his table which is next to Husana’s table, his daughter said, “Dad, you said you were going to steal the phone and purple purse for me. Quickly, get it.”

The kid parents were pretty embarrassed as they know that Husana was sitting right beside them and could easily hear what the kid said. Just because they were so humiliated about what happened, the parents quickly packed up the belongings and left the place with the child.

Husana’s Facebook post went viral in just 16 hours with over 3,200 shares. It gathered negative feedback about how these parents are totally the worst role models of all time.

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