Believe It Or Not, This 2-Year-Old Boy Eats Only Peaches Just To Survive

Micah Gabriel Masson Lopez, a 2-year-old boy from Montreal, Canada was diagnosed with food-protein induced enterocolitis syndrome (FPIES) at the age of 6 months.

This serious condition can cause Micah to suffer from severe allergy to virtually any food other than peaches, this means he can only eat peaches alone and nothing else.

Aside from FPIES, the little boy also suffers from an immunodeficiency called DiGeorge syndrome.

It became a constant struggle for the child as well as the parents as they need to take the little boy to nine different specialists every month.

Source: OddityCentral

Despite the fact that the child can only survive by consuming peaches alone, however, he cannot consume the peaches in just any form such as frozen, dried, or canned. The peaches must be organic fresh peaches – something rare in Quebec.

According to his mother, Caroline Masson, “Living in Quebec, let’s just say peaches are very hard to find off-season. We are buying peaches in bulk and are running out of funds to do so, as we also have to pay for his complex medical needs.” As Caroline recalls every single moment of terror the first time seeing her baby in shock, they have just held him and cried all night, though they called 911 the rescue team didn’t know what FPIES was.

Usually, there are 2 or 3 foods for toddlers to be allergic to, but for Micah, he has 27 kinds of food that will triggerother gastrointestinal problems. Micah’s parents still hope that they can raise funds for his peaches and to get his treatment.

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