Bastille Day Blunders

Bastille Day, July 14, 1789, day when Bastille Was Formed, Celebrated As A National Holiday In France.

It was a Saturday and hundreds of people took to the streets to celebrate Bastille Day. But the said day of celebration ended up on the wrong foot when two blunders happened on that memorable day for those residing in France.

Blunders started when nine alpha jets supposed to fly-over Paris releasing France’s tri-colored smoke in red, white, and blue, but the first pilot accidentally released red smoke unaware that he’s spewing the wrong color instead of the right blue color, thus creating a lopsided flag of red, blue, white, and red again. They were fully unaware of what’s happening until a twitter user pointed out the blunder.

Blunder Of France’s Flag Colors

Source: Twitter

Another blunder on that same momentous occasion of Bastille Day were two motorcycles colliding with each other as part of the parade demonstration celebration in front of distinguished guests and President Emmanuel Macron.

Watch The Full Video Of Color Blunders At Twitter

Watch The Full Video of Blunder Of Colliding Motorcyles

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