Awesome Dad Creates Epic Fairy Tale Photo Shoot For Daughter

Josh Rossi is a professional photographer who loves to create amazing fantasy photoshoots with his daughter. Recently, this dad did the Disney’s Beauty and the Beast photoshoot with his daughter Nellee.

Source: Josh Rossi

Beauty and the Beast had been recently a favorite of hers, and daddy jumped in no time to make his daughter’s fairy tale dreams come true.

Rossi found a designer who sponsored the exact dress of Belle that her daughter wears, as he casted himself opposite her as the Beast, making it one heartwarming father-daughter moment.

Source: Josh Rossi

I wanted to give that to her because it represented my love for her and how special she is to me. I want her to have something that represents the relationship that she and I have.” says Josh.

Sweet little Nellee has previously done Red Riding Hood and Waonder Woman shoots in the past, but what makes this particular photoshoot special is that this awesome dad turned the photo of both of them into a portrait, and gave it to her as a gift on Valentine’s Day.

Source: Josh Rossi

“A normal photo doesn’t do it for me. I’m constantly taking photos and videos to try and hold on to each moment spent with her.”


Sweet! What do you think of this heartwarming father-daughter moment?


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