To Avoid Being Robbed, This Woman Pretended To Have Seizures

Apparently, there is one clever trick you can pull off to avoid being robbed on a train. Julie Dragland boarded her way on a train where someone handed her a note with the following contents:

“There are 2 guns pointed at you now. If you want to live hand back your wallet and phone NOW and do not turn around and be discreet.”

“Do not turn around until you have left Civic Center and you will live.”

Source: Facebook / Julie Dragland

Instead of handing out her phone and wallet, Julie did something to startle the robber. She slumped on the floor, pretending she was having seizures. That caught the attention of other passengers on the train, as they scrambled to help her out.

The suspect has no choice now that all the train passengers’ attention was on Julie but to leave the train at the next station.

Julie had escaped a supposed robbery because of her quick wit and mind. She was also lucky was in an area where she was surrounded with people.

She then posted the incident on Twitter, together with the note that she received.

Source: Twitter / @JILD

According to her, the robber is an older woman with a suitcase.

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