Abused Dog Loses Most of Its Fur, Is Given Sweaters by Strangers To Keep Him Warm

Almost all his life, Rusty didn’t grow up in a safe environment where he would be loved, fed and well-cared for by his human parents.

He was neglected and abused by his owners and it had left him emotional scars that traumatized him for life. He was found in a severely neglected condition – attached to a leash in the backyard and weighing merely 17 pounds. He was severely malnourished.

Source: Little Things

Fortunately, he was taken from that horrible living condition, and his story spread on Facebook shared on by thousands of people. They saw what Rusty had gone through and decided to help.

Most of these concerned citizens sent him warm blankets and sweaters seeing the poor dog lacked fur, and this would help him endure the cold nights and keep himself warm as he heals.

The change in Rusty was undeniable. He is energetic and alive as ever, living with his new foster parent. He also sports a healthier weight.

His story is simply inspiring, as he’s on his way living a new life.. a life that he deserves! It’s also heartwarming to see the outpouring love of support shown by random strangers who saw his story.

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1 Comment

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