After 72 Years, Lost Love Letter Finally Reaches World War Veteran

Approximately about 72 years after it was written, a love letter that was lost somewhere in time has finally reached its receiver.

An old love letter peaked through the stairs at Melissa Fahy’s newly purchased home that is being renovated. It gives a glimpse of the love story of two people that spanned for decades.

Source: WNBC New York

Postmarked on May 1945, a letter was sent out to a sailor of the Norwegian Navy, Rolf Christoffersen from his wife, Virginia.

“That is what you are to my life, the sun about which everything revolves around me.”

It was a simple declaration of love and longing to a beloved.

Source: WNBC New York

In the letter, Virginia talked about the baby they are about to have. But the letter never made it to Rolf, and was marked as “return to sender”.

Fahy, intruiged, decided to put the pieces of the puzzle together and with the help of Facebook.  She found the Christoffersens’ son who was based in California.

The son read the letter to the now 96-year old Rolf. Unfortunately, Virginia passed away 6 years ago by the time her husband finally received the letter.

In an interview, Fahy shares, “In a way, I guess it’s his wife coming back and making her memory alive again.”

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