6-Year-Old YouTube Star Earns $11 Million a Year For Reviewing Toys

Ryan, a 6-year-old boy who earned an eye-popping $11 million last year by doing toy reviews on his channel entitled “Ryan Toys Review.”

In Forbes magazine’s Top 10 YouTubers highest income in 2017, the young Ryan got the spot at number 8, tied with the comedy channel Smosh. Ryan’s channel became popular gaining more than 8 billion views in total, other kids have been starting imitating him and launching their own channels.

Source: OddityCentral

According to Ryan’s parents, it all started by making a video of him unboxing a Lego Duplo train set that was posted in March 2015. The video shows how Ryan arranges the blocks and plays with them.

As time went by, the videos were getting better and the channel has reached over 10 million subscribers.

According to Ryan’s father, the channel also helps them to keep in touch with their relatives and extended family living abroad with their son’s life. Most of the videos that are found in Ryan’s channel are sometimes his everyday stuff such as buying toys with his parents, getting haircut, etc.

Maintaining such a channel is Ryan’s mothers full-time job who used to be a chemistry teacher in the high school department. She said, “Right now, he loves making videos. Every time I tell him we’re going to film, he gets so excited. As long as he’s loving it and it doesn’t disrupt his daily routine, we plan on continuing. But the moment he’s not having fun anymore, that’s when it will be time to stop.”

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