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11-Year Old Hero Defended Family Home With A Machete

Braydon Smith, Home Alone, Defended His Family Home From Intruders

Braydon Smith, 11, never forgot his what his father, Christopher Smith, taught him, “If they come in the door, you let ’em have it.” In June, 2019, Braydon was home alone in Mebane, North Carolina, on the phone with his mom, and suddenly a 19-year old man came breaking through the window.

Besides this intruder, 2 more accomplices were helping him, the intruder told Braydon to shut himself up in the closet while attempting to steal valuable things at home, in which Braydon complied for a while, but Braydon was finally resolved to defend family home with family possessions at all costs.

In an interview with ABC11, Braydon described the horrifying ordeal, “He pointed a pellet gun at me that was located in our house. I knew that it wasn’t loaded so I just sat down and got in my closet like he told me to. He went into the living room to grab my phone to make sure I didn’t call the 911 or anything.”

Braydon noticed the intruder having a hard time to put the phone in his pocket, but as soon as the intruder turned his back, Braydon found time to grab his machete, used to help his dad chop down trees, and the next thing the intruder knows he was in a hospital facing multiple charges, but the deputies were still looking for 2 of his accomplices.

Braydon’s little secret was he was a football player and a bat swinger, little did he know he was all trained for this momentous occasion but the difference is he was not going to use a baseball bat and instead a machete.

Braydon Smith, The Machete Boy Who Defended His Family Home From Intruders

Watch Braydon Smith Defends His Family Home From Intruders

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