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This Woman Puts Make-Up On Her Face Using Her Feet

Due to a childhood accident that caused her to lose both of her arms, this Chinese woman does not let it hinder her from having a normal life.

Ying Li was three years old when her arms were amputated with a high voltage wire, and ever since that day, she has painstakingly trained her feet to become her second pair of hands. Now, she’s able to use chopsticks and apply make-up on her face with relative ease.

Source: Yang Li’s Weibo account

She’s also able to take selfies using her feet, and carry on doing live streaming videos by carefully mounting a selfie stick on her neck. This paved the way to make her an online internet sensation as people watch her inspiring videos.

Source: Yang Li’s Weibo account

Living a life of a typical millennial, and also her fame online allowed her to meet new friends on the internet through her live-streaming. As of this moment, her Weibo account has over 900,000 followers and continues to grow. At the moment, this inspiring lady has become one of China’s hottest internet sensations.

According to Li, live-streaming is just a side-job to her as she works a full-time job in administration.

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