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Surgeon Undergoes Own Treatment While Simultaneously Performing Surgery on Patient

We think of doctors as life savers…becoming a physician is one of the most recognized professions in the world, which is both an honor and a responsibility.

We count on them to save us from life threatening situations that may arise…but what if in the process of helping us, they too, risk their own well-being.

Source: CGTN / Facebook

Recently, a doctor in China named Li Xin broke the internet as a photo of him performing surgery became viral.

He’s a surgeon performing an operation on a patient in Chenzhou Children’s Hospital in China.

Upon performing the life-saving procedure, four hours later, he notices he was unable to move his own neck.

He knew the surgery would take a couple hours more to finish, but instead of leaving the operation halfway to attend to his own safety, he rounded up a team of doctors to help him with his own condition while he was simultaneously performing the surgery on his own patient.

Source: CGTN / Facebook

He’s still performing the surgery when another doctor stepped in and injected anesthesia on his neck.

The whole surgery lasted for about 9 more hours, and it is only then that the patient’s condition is deemed clear and safe that Dr. Li Xin sought medical attention and examination for his own condition.

Truly brave and inspiring doctor indeed!

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