Say Hello to CryptoKitties – Digital Cats That Can be Sold for Tens of Thousands of Dollars

CryptoKitties, the latest craze in the world of technology where the players can spend money on virtual cats.

Source: OddityCentral

With the estimated total transactions exceeding $7 million as of last week with more than 6,000 people trading in electronic cats.

CryptoKitties created by Axiom Zen which runs on the Ethereum platform, one of the most popular cryptocurrencies after Bitcoin. Due to being the newest game craze, the kitty mania is now having an infrastructure problem because it puts a severe strain on its network. Because of the people’s extreme interest, CryptoKitties has increased its traffic by more than 11% until present.

According to Axiom Zen’s communications manager Bryce Bladon in an interview of Bloomberg, he said: “We wanted to make blockchain technology accessible to the everyday user, as we believe this is a key step in otherwise seeing the technology adopted. We wanted to explore blockchain applications outside of ICOs and cryptocurrencies.”

Source: OddityCentral

To avail such cute kitties, the player will use the digital coin of Ethereum’s token called Ether.

Each cat will come with a unique identity and will determine by its traits that are recorded on the Ethereum blockchain, a cryptocurrencies technology that is based and represents a decentralized record of transactions.

For now, CryptoKitties is choking its network which makes the transaction speeds slow down where the founder has been acknowledged the same issue on multiple occasions.

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