Old Woman’s Rough ‘Laundry Style’ Baby Bath Receives Negative Feedbacks From Netizens

In every country, there are different practices or traditions that may look like dangerous to others but not for them.

It all started with a 7-minute video that has been circling around the internet. In the clip, you will see how this woman handled a 2-weeks-old baby while she was giving the child a bath. The woman who is known as the baby’s grandmother gained negative feedback after seeing how roughly she gave the bath.

Source: BuzzFlare

Many of the netizens can’t help but wince as they watch the procedure.

The netizens also notice that the old lady never tried to be gentle while she arranges the baby on her legs. As what the video shows, the baby was catching for breath while the old lady continues to pour water on its body. However, the old lady was not alarmed but still continue on what she was doing yet there are times that she squeezed water from the baby’s nose.

Though netizens started throwing names at the old lady, Indian netizens say that ‘laundry style’ bath is common in India.

India has a 1.3 billion population but the practice is not considered dangerous for them at all.

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