This Little Girl Couldn’t Say ‘Ice Cream’, Watch Her Funny Reaction!

We all know how cute and adorable kids could get.  They can also be adorably funny especially when their parents teach them something new. With the help of smartphones and the internet, it’s easy for the antics of these adorable little angels to be shared, go viral and be famous.

Recently, a hilarious toddler named Delta couldn’t say the word ‘ice cream’. To her dad’s and the netizens amusement, she has been doing this for several minutes, and no matter how her daddy tries to teach her, she remains stubborn and keeps on saying ‘camtono’.

Source: Facebook ll Alpha Bravo Charlie Drama

To add to the hilarity, the cute little Delta could say the words ‘ice’ and ‘cream’ separately, but the moment she was asked to say both words together, she would end up saying the word ‘camtono’ again.

We have no idea why she keeps saying it, but it cracks us up!

Simply put, the video instantly became a hit, and someone even went as far as putting the word ‘camtono’ in the Urban Dictionary which means ice cream.

Check out the video of this adorable little girl and find out why the internet couldn’t get over her little antics! Absolutely hilarious!

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